Release 18.05 Notes

This release is focused on minor enhancements and improvements to existing features found with


We are upgrading how Results Meetings handles third party calendars on meeting reminders.

  1. Cancelling an instance of a meeting (recurring or non-recurring meeting) in Results will now remove the meeting reminder from third party calendars (Outlook or Google) so you are not reminded of a cancelled meeting.
  2. Editing the time or date of a meeting in Results will now remove the reminder for old time or date and update the calendar to new time

Tasks Updates
We are excited to announce upgrades to Enhanced Task Features. You will now see only two icons on your tasks (see picture below). 


All the enhanced task features are now hidden behind the down arrow. You can click the arrow to start, block, complete, edit and delete the task. 


You can also start the task by clicking on the play icon. This will update the task color to blue and the start icon to complete icon, so you can still update your tasks with a single click. Checking of the task will mark it as complete.


Profile Picture update
When uploading a profile picture you can resize your picture within  This will allow you select which part of your picture you would like to have displayed. This will also avoid stretching the picture.

Google Sheet Integration Update
We are extremely excited to announce an enhancement to our Google sheet integration.
Previously you could select a cell with the data you wanted to display in This data point would always be posted to the date that the integration pulled the data from the Google sheet.

You now have the option to select a second cell from your Google sheet that contains a date. This will allow you push your data to that date. This is useful for posting the correct data to the correct date.

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