Release 18.040 Notes


FEATURE Enhancements

Archiving a Goal will also archive the associated Connect channel. The goal Connect channel will be un-starred for all users and removed from users Goals list.
For Strategy Page (or 1 Page Plan) only accounts the default view of the strategy page will be in "Setup" mode until the plan is 100% complete and then switch to View mode.
We have added new Filters to toggle between active and inactive users on the User Management page

Results is proud to announce External user license for your Results account. External license will be offer the user access to only Meetings and Connect pages in the platform. External License users will have access to meetings they are invited to, however they will have complete access to Connect (except Teams).

For External User Licenses please reachout to your Account Managers who will give you some free licenses.



BUGS Resolved


We had issues with Starring Goals. A user starring goals is starring it for other users also. This issue has been addressed.
Strategy Page (1 Page Plan) only accounts should not be receiving the daily email notifications.
Editing a Goal from Connect makes the goal disappear. This has been resolved and you should be able to edit goals from Connect without any issues.
Issues with daily email notifications have been resolved. Users should be receiving daily notification emails per their preferences settings.
 Issues with Importing Goal Values using Excel (values and thresholds for manual update goals) are resolved.
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