Release 18.030 Notes

Minor Features

We are excited to announce our new Enhanced Task Features. You will find two new icons on the top right of your tasks (see picture below). These are enhanced task features to allow further visibility on the status of tasks. You can now show when you start or pause a task as well as show when you have ran into a blockage (Flag).


You will also notice that the task color will be updated based on the status of the goal for an easy visual representation. A started task is blue, a paused task is orange, and a flagged (blocked) task is black with red text. 

Note: The color of tasks when completed remains same; Green shows a completed task, and Red shows a past due task.

START: To start a task, click on the “play” icon to show you have started the task; this will turn the task to the color blue. This will also turn the “play” icon into a “pause” icon.


PAUSE: If something comes up and you need to pause the task, click on the “pause” icon; this will turn the task to the color orange. You may resume the task when needed.


BLOCK: Ran into a blockage? Click on the flag icon; this will turn the task to the color black with red lettering. The Flag will then update to an Unblock option.


When is Teams or on Team Dashboard, the system will remember the order of goals specified. The order will be saved for everyone i.e. there is no personal goal ordering any longer on the teams page, just one order for everyone on any machine. Order can only be determined by a Team Manager or a Site Admin.

Note: The personal goal order will be respected on users dashboard, including displayed in Meetings individual goal review agenda.

Background image on the Login page has been updated. When you go to you will see the below background image before logging in and after log out.



Bugs Resolved in this Release:

We had issue with Outlook calendars where invites are updating 2 hours behind to the meeting time created in This was happening for Australia and New Zealand time zone users. This issue is addressed and the outlook calendars should be updating correctly.

When adding thresholds from threshold management page, new threshold values are not accepted if either of the limits has a similar value to previous limits. This has been addressed and you can now enter same values without any issues.

Issues with Deleted users displaying when @mentioning in Connect has been resolved. You will not be seeing deleted users in the platform.

"+" sign on the "Create Meeting" button on meeting calendar is removed. Also in mobile view you should just see the "+" sign to create new meetings.

Attendees removed from meetings will no longer be receiving email notifications about the meeting.

You can now add or remove users from within a team without any issues.

Issues with Copy data feature are resolved and you can now copy a goals history when creating now Metric goals..

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