Release 18.017 Notes

Please see below list of priority Bugs resolved with this release:

  • Personal Goal Ordering: When a user orders their goals on the Dashboard and then reloads the dashboard, the system does not retain the order of the goals. This issue has been resolved and the system now remembers the order of last viewed goals.
  • Editing a meeting iCal notifications: When a user edits a meeting, the subsequent iCal notification will update the meeting with the incorrect Time in third party calendar applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar and This has now been resolved and the accurate time is represented on the calendar.
  • New user Starred Goals: When a new user logs in for the first time and clicks the starred goals toggle, the system loads all of the goals in the organization. The system now will only load starred goals.
  • Connect Notifications on iOS Devices: Push notifications were not being sent to user on Apple iOS devices, this has now been resolved.
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