How to enable Task Progress for your OKR/Project

What is Task Progress? 

Task Progress allows you to have your projects progress automatically update based on the number of tasks associated to the project which have been completed.  For example, if you create an OKR which has 10 tasks and you complete 1 task, the current value field would update to 10%.

How do I enable it?

  1. Go to "Preferences"
  2. Under "Other Preferences" enable the Preference called "Enable the OKR project goal feature allowing you to have the value of an OKR goal calculated automatically from the number of completed tasks."

NOTE: If you do not see this preference available email and we can turn it on for you.

What will happen to my Projects once enabled?

Enabling this feature in your preferences will not automatically turn it on for your projects.  If you'd like to enable for an existing project you'll need to go back to that OKR, click edit, and select the option "Use the number of tasks as progress".

When creating a new OKR you'll also now see this option appear.

TIP: This is a really useful feature to for quickly updating your progress but you'll want to be careful about using it for projects where you do not know all of your tasks upfront to ensure that your actual progress is accurately reflected.


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