Meeting FAQ's

Q: Are the calendars private?
A: Yes, (within Results) you will only see the meetings that you have been invited to within the Results platform and will only be able to access meetings that you have been invited to. Remember that all the meetings in results will also show in your outlook or google calendar, so anyone that you share your outlook calendar with will be able to see any meeting you will be attending.

Q: Is it possible to allow other individuals access to your calendar?
A: You are not able to share you Results calendar and don't actually need to because all the meeting will also show up in your outlook or google calendar, so anyone you'd like to share your calendar / availability with, can see this through outlook or google.
Q: Can I invite staff who do not have access to to join teams or to meetings?
A: You can't invite people who are not users through the results platform, but if you have a meeting and you'd like to invite others to join the meeting you will still be able to add them to the invite from your outlook or google calendar
Q: Can I change my calendar so it starts on a Monday?
A: You aren't able to change this. You'd still be using your outlook calendar to manage your appointments and would be able to adjust that within outlook or gmail. The Results Calendar is just an interface to access the meetings on the platform
Q: Can I format my meeting notes? 
A: There are a few formatting options available in Meetings
  • To bold: Put a * around either side of the item you want to bold, for example *Sales KPIs Update*
  • To bullet point: Put a - before your points, for example -Sales Calls made this week up by 25
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