Release 14.80 Notes

Connect Beta

RESULTS is revolutionizing the way you communicate within your Company with the release of our new internal communications engine, CONNECT. Connect is the chat feature included in which will become your digital portal to collaborate with your entire company, whether they are sitting right next you or located on the other side of the world. Connect replaces the need to send internal email but provides contextual, continuous conversations are your goals, teams, groups including one on one conversations with your colleagues.

Connect - Teams

Connect - Teams allows you to have conversations with any Teams that you are a member of in Connect.  This will allow you to quickly collaborate with your co-workers around team ideas, suggestions, issues, etc.

NOTE: You will only have access to Teams that you're a part of and you will only be able to star goals associated with Teams you're a part of unless you're a site admin.

Connect - Goals

One of the most powerful features of Connect, you're now able to keep all conversations around your metrics and projects in a single place instead of lost in email and various other chat tools. We recommend starring any goals that are at the top of your priority list so you can keep in the loop on progress and collaborate around them.

To star a goal click on search (magnifying glass) icon by the Goals and search for the name of the goal you want to follow and click on 'Star' of the respective goal. 

From your individual or team dashboard, click on the star icon on the goal you want follow, this will automatically add you to the conversation around that goal and show in the list of starred goals in Connect.

NOTE: Starring a goal can be done using all the 3 goal views (Card, Tile and List)

Connect - Groups

Connect- Groups allow you to create conversations around ad hoc topics that don't relate to your Teams or Goals.  For example, say you have offices across several geographic regions and you create a group for each office.  We at RESULTS also have a room for the "Daily Chuckle" where we post funny articles to share with the rest of the team.

To create a new Group, click on the search icon and select “New Group”.  You’ll then have the option to invite other Team Members to that Group and decide whether or not you would like your Group to be private or public.

Connect - One on One

Connect - One on One will allow you to have one-on-one conversations with any Users in your organization.  We recommend that you star all of your team members or managers and anyone that you need to collaborate with on a regular basis.  Additionally, if a connection stars you they will automatically show up in your list of 1:1 conversations under Users.

Available Actions in Connect

Beyond chat which is done via Comments in Connect, you'll have a few other actions available to you if you click on the drop-down arrow that you see next to comments.

  • Questions - Can be used to tag any questions you have about a specific topic
  • Decisions - Can be used to tag decisions that are made during a conversation you're having in Connect to refer back to
  • Attachments - When adding a Comment, Question or Decision you’ll also have the option to add an attachment, including files over 10MB which many email clients fail to do, to any message you send through Connect.

Additionally, you will have the ability to like and reply to posts in Connect.

@Mention Users in Connect

Collaborating in context is a lot easier: typing "@" into any Connect text field now unleashes a suite of functions. When you type "@" and the first few letters of a person's name, a drop down list will appear. Select the person you want, and two things will happen when you save your comment:

  • First, the person with the "@" mention will receive notifications that you mentioned them. They'll get the usual in-app notification, and, depending on their email preferences, they may get one via email as well.
  • Second, if that person isn't already a member of the Connect group where you're commenting, they'll be added automatically, and the Connect thread will be starred for them so they will see it.

Not only that, but when you hover over any "@" mention in Connect, a new pop-up panel will appear. From that panel, you can either link to their dashboard or you can open a private conversation with them in Connect – whether one already exists or not.

@Mention User and They'll be Notified

To mention a User in Connect, type '@' and start typing the name of the user. will suggest users in a dropdown. Simply choose the person you want to mention.

New User cards

Hovering over a mentioned user's name enables you to navigate to either the user's Dashboard or to a private conversation in Connect.

Setting up your Notification Preferences

Connect allows you to receive notifications (both email and browser) so that you don't miss messages when you're offline.  In order to set these preferences you can go to the 'More' menu and click on Preferences.

NOTE: We currently do not support mobile notifications and are currently developing the feature. 

New Goals Overlay

Creating New Goals

To create a new goal click on '+ New Goal' from the dashboard or teams page and the new Goals overlay (light box) will load. Within the overlay you can choose which type of goal you want to create, and on the right panel suggestions and instructions have been provided to help you choose the right goal type.

The goal fields and properties will feel familiar, they have not changed. Within the overlay, you still use the same process to create a goal. What is new, is that each step of the Goal creation process you are guided through with step by step instructions and information to ensure you are choosing the correct Goal type.


Viewing Goals

Viewing a goal has changed too, it will load in the new Goal overlay. The overlay has multiple tabs:

  • Info - Basic information
  • History - Data history and graphs (only for KPI's)
  • Tasks - Tasks associated to the goal
  • Relationships Parent and child relationships associated with the Goal
  • Properties - Goal properties including details of the source of data of the Goal
  • Notifications - Manage the Connect notifications for this Goal

Additionally, the Connect conversation now sits alongside your Goal.


To Edit the Goal, you still use the familiar Cog icon situated to the right of the Connect conversation.



It is time to start having Conversations with Context. The new Goal overlay integrates Connect into your goals, providing meaningful conversations around your metrics and projects in one place instead of getting lost in email and various other chat tools. With the new overlay, you can now comment, ask questions and record decisions to help achieve your take decisions on goals without needing to navigate to Connect page.


The Info tab displays all the basic information about the goal; like goal description, due date, owner and team name and people who have Starred this goal.


History tab is available only for detailed history and integration goals. With the history tab, you can view the goals historical values in graphs, update data and threshold limits. 



Tasks tab lists all the tasks assigned to the goal. You can choose filter to toggle between all, overdue, recent and current tasks. The tab also provides functionality to create new tasks, edit and delete existing tasks, update goal status and checkoff a completed tasks. 


In this tab you can view all the goal relations listed on goal hierarchies. You can also create child goals in the tab by clicking on the '+ New Goal' under Child Goals. 

The tab also offers filters to switch between different views of your metrics and projects by using the View control. 

  • Card View - Larger detailed view of cards which provides information on current Values, current status, flags and other relevant information around Goal properties.
  • Tile View - Slightly smaller version of the card view, which focuses on the value of the goal and its current status
  • List View - The List view presents a new detailed view of each goal, and provides variance for Metric goals


This tab displays all the goal properties like type, scope, strategy, goal calculation, reminder interval and work days. For integration goals, the tab also dispalys the integration provider name along with the KPI Selection.



The Notifications tab lets you customize Connect notifications for goals individually. Turn the settings button 'ON' to customize the goal Connect notifications and click Save. 

Starring a Goal

You can also star a goal in the overlay by clicking on the star icon to the left of the goal name on the top.


New Goals View in Meetings

Want to be able to refer to offline conversations about your Goals from within your meetings? With the new overlay, we have also updated the way you view goals using the Company and Individual goal review agenda items. When in meetings, the overlay is embedded into the right side pane of the agendas with the icons of the tabs and other functionality like starring and editing goals. With a click of a button, you can access the Connect conversation to get Contextual information as to the status of the Goal.


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