How to Update an Objective Key Result (OKR)

Keeping your OKRs up-to-date is important, when others are viewing your dashboard, this will give them an idea of which strategic projects are on-track or off-track.  We recommend updating all of your OKRs at least once a week and if you're not already, scheduling a time to check in with your project team once a week to ensure you're discussing next steps to drive your project forward. 

How to Update an OKR using the Current Value Field

The standard way to update an OKR will be to simply click on the "Current Value" field and fill in what percentage complete you are on the project.  You'll want to be sure to do this at least once a week to avoid having a yellow flag appear on your OKR which will appear if an OKR hasn't been updated in 7 days.

How to Update an OKR with Child Goals

In cases where you have multi-phase projects you may want to leverage child goals so that you're able to track each stage separately.  Once a child goal has been created you'll notice that you're no longer able to update the current value of it's parent.  The reason for this is that creating a child to an OKR causes the current value of it's children to rollup into the parent.  To get the current value field to update you'll simply update the percentage complete of the children OKRs (using the same process described above) which will then update the parent OKR with an average percentage complete of all of it's children.

How to Update an OKR by Completing Task

When working on projects where you know all of the required tasks upfront, you may want to enable the option to have completed tasks automatically update your current value field.  E.g. if you have an OKR which has 10 tasks, each task you complete would increase your percentage complete by 10%.

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to "More" and "Preferences"
  2. Enable the preference, "Enable the OKR project goal feature allowing you to have the value of an OKR goal calculated automatically from the number of completed tasks." under "Other Preferences".  If you do not see this preference available please email and they can enable this for you. 
  3. When creating your next OKR or editing an existing OKR you will now see an option to "Use the number of tasks as progress".  If selected this will enable the feature and the next time you complete a task it will automatically update the current value field of your OKR based on the number of tasks associated with the OKR.  


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