How to Setup the MYOB Exo Integration

Setup integration

  1. To configure your MYOB Exo integration select the Integrations option from the main navigation:

  2. Click the New Integration button at the top of the screen:

  3. Provide a Name for the Integration and then select ‘MYOB Exo’ from the list of integrations:
  4. Click “Create” to create the connection
  5. A new item will be created in the list of Integrations. It will currently not be authenticated:
  6. Click the padlock icon to Authenticate and follow the steps below to access the access_token

MYOB Exo Authentication

  1. From the MYOB Exo application click “Setup Stuff” which will load the Setup Stuff form below.

  2. Ensure that OnTheGo Access is enabled for the selected user, then select the User that you will use for Authenticating

  3. Enter your User Credentials to authenticate the Integration. Enter the Key field into the “access_token” field.:
  4. Your integration should now be authenticated and you can now create KPI Integration Goals

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