How to Setup the DropBox Integration

DropBox Integration

RESULTS now supports a DropBox integration that can read any cell within an Excel file added to DropBox. The following file types are supported:

  • xls
  • xlsx
  • csv

Setup DropBox on your Computer

Click here to Download and install Dropbox to your PC or Mac.

You have now installed a sync folder on your computer that will allow you to transfer files to the DropBox cloud and integrate with RESULTS.

Export Data to DropBox

Some third party software allows you to export data in an excel or CSV format. Saving the file to your local DropBox folder will sync the folder to the cloud and update the values in RESULTS.

You can either perform this step manually or if your third party software offers the ability to schedule exports of data, you can set this export to run automatically.

Steps to remember:

  • RESULTS requires that the file is overwritten with the new data, i.e. you will want to save as, or copy and overwrite the existing data, do not delete the original and then save this new one, as it will break the integration.
  • The data must remain in the same order. i.e. if you have integrated a specific cell, then this cell value must always be relevant to the goal it integrates with.

Create an Integration from a CSV file in DropBox

Authenticate and Enable your DropBox Integration

  • Create a New Integration by clicking on the '+' symbol

  • Enter a Name for your Integration

  • Select 'DropBox' from the Integration Provider drop down field

  • Click the 'Create' button to save your new integration

  • Your new integration is created, you now need to enable the integration and authenticate it for use in RESULTS.

  • Click the Enable checkbox related to the First Dropbox Integration

  • Now click the padlock icon to Authenticate the DropBox integration
  • You will be asked to login to your DropBox account

  • If successful, you will receive a confirmation message as below. You can now create KPI Integration goals for your DropBox account.


Confirm your Data export is in your DropBox account

  • Locate your DataExport file in your DropBox account. For the purposes of this excercise we are using the file 'GoalData.csv'.
  • Viewing this file shows that it contains a simple extract of data. Column A includes the Goal Name, and Column B includes the value related to the Goal. This is the value we are going to Import into RESULTS

Create a DropBox Integration Goal

  • We can now create a KPI Integration goal in Results. Click the New Goal button in RESULTS.

  • Select KPI Integration from the list of Goals

  • The list of Enabled/Authenticated Inetgration providers will be shown. Select the applicable Provider. In this case we are selecting 'DropBox'.

  • We select the KPI selection - KPI from a Cell which allows us to retrieve a value from a specific cell in a specific sheet.

  • Select the applicable File that you want to source the value for this goal from i.e. GoalData.csv

  • Click the Refine button to specify which cell you would like to source

  • We have selected cell B2 which applies to the first non-header row, the value for Goal A.

  • Click the Next button to continue the setup of your Goal

  • Once you have successfully created your Goal, RESULTS will pull in the value from your DropBox file:
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