Release 14.51 Notes


New Features

Clone Project Goals with One Click

It's now easier than ever to roll out new Projects, saving you time and making it easier to keep your goals consistent across your team and from one project to the next.

Often when team leaders create Projects and related Tasks, the structure of the goal applies perfectly to other Projects or to other Team Members.

Now you can clone the goal with one click. Open the goal, click the cog wheel in the top right corner, and select "Cone," which has already been added to your instance of RESULTS. 

When you Clone it, everything is duplicated exactly, so the application presents you with a familiar interface that gives you the ability to customize it if you want to.

But there's one additional function unique to this Clone Goal screen. 

The additional function has to do with Tasks. When you clone the goal, all the Tasks remain assigned to the same people as in the original goal.

Often, you'll want to assign them all to someone else. The additional function lets you do exactly that. Just select the new assignee's name from the list before you click Save.

If you clone a Parent Goal, it's Child Goals will not be cloned. Only the Parent Goal and its Tasks will be duplicated. (Please note that you can't use a cloned Parent Goal as a Progress Goal.)

If you clone a Child Goal, the new cloned Goal will have the same Parent Goal. You can turn this cloned Goal into a Progress Goal if you want.

Enhancement to Tasks/Notes Filter continues to improve the usability of Meetings. Included in this release are three new enhancements to the Tasks and Notes filter in Meetings.

Access Previous meetings notes

Previously, you could only access the last meeting's notes using the 'Notes Review' agenda. Now you can review previous meeting notes by clicking on the notes icon in the meeting menu without the 'Notes Review' agenda.

Additionally, now you can cycle back through more than just the last meeting's notes, you can cycle forward or back through all of your previous meetings using the Previous and Next links.

Styling of Tasks

Tasks now have a consistent look throughout the Platform. Tasks will show their current status and assignee wherever they are displayed, including in Meetings.

Note: If you have Task Management enabled, your Tasks will appear Blue for started, Yellow if it is paused or Black with a red Label if it is Blocked. Talk to today if you would like Task Management enabled for your account.

Complete Tasks from within Meetings

Haven't had time to update your Tasks from the previous meeting, before you attend today's meeting? No problem, you can now update your tasks as complete within a Meeting. When you are in the meeting, just click on the notes icon in the meeting menu, click on tasks filter and update your task.

Click the Complete tick icon to complete a Task wherever it appears in

Task is now marked as Complete

In upcoming releases we will include more functionality within tasks which will allow you to re-assign or edit your Tasks wherever they are displayed in the platform, whether inside your meeting or on your Dashboards.

Minor Enhancements

  • When importing detailed history goals using excel format from the import screen, please add an additional column with title "Goal Type" and enter the same values from "Goal Scope" column
  • When a meeting is locked, a lock icon will be displayed on the locked meeting in the calendar 
  • In a meeting notes you can now navigate to the previous and next meeting notes

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a meeting will not delete the past instances which has notes
  • Display correct error messages on login
  • Issues with adding new agenda item to a meeting
  • Issues with importing Detailed History Goals using excel/csv
  • Locking/Unlocking the meeting does not take effect until refresh
  • redirect not working
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    Gerry Suckling

    Excellent updates here - being able to scroll back through notes it brilliant! 

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