Release 14.60 Notes

New Features 

Individual Goal Review - Choose Attendees to Review

One way RESULTS facilitates meetings with impact is by helping you focus them with a great Agenda. And one of our most-used Agenda items, the Individual Goal Review, just got a lot more focused.

Now, you can choose whose Goals you want to review. If you include Individual Goal Review in your Agenda, a new panel opens showing all the people attending the meeting. Simply select the attendees whose Goals you want to review, and they'll be the only names listed in that part of the Meeting. To give you the simplest example, if a manager sets an Agenda for a one-on-one, they probably want to review only the employee's Goals, and now they can.

The functionality works for new meetings and for existing ones, both for single instances and for a series.

Add Attendees to Review

  • The "Attendees to Review Goals" function is built into the Agenda panel. Start by Creating or Editing a Meeting, and then scroll down to the Agenda. Add the "Individual Goal Review" Agenda item from the drop down, enter a duration, and then click "Add."

  • Below the familiar panel you'll now see a new one showing all of the Attendees included in the Individual Goal Review by default. If you click on an Attendee's name, you'll go to their Dashboard, but if you click on the "X" next to them, you will remove them from the Individual Goal Review list and their Goals won't be part of this meeting. To add them back, or to add Attendees who weren't included by default, click the "+ Member to review" button, and click to put a green check next to their name. Everyone with a green check will be included in the Individual Goal Review. Once you're happy with your list, click "Done" in the pop-up panel and "Save" in the main panel to finish.

  • Now, when in the meeting the 'Individual Goal Review' agenda only displays the user(s) goals who were added.


Performance Enhancements

You'll notice significant improvement in the load time for your Calendar and for all your Meetings.


@Mention Users in Connect Beta

Collaborating in context just got a lot easier: typing "@" into any Connect text field now unleashes a suite of functions.

When you type "@" and the first few letters of a person's name, a drop down list will appear. Select the person you want, and two things will happen when you save your comment:

First, the person with the "@" mention will receive notifications that you mentioned them. They'll get the usual in-app notification, and, depending on their email preferences, they may get one via email as well.

Second, if that person isn't already a member of the Connect group where you're commenting, they'll be added automatically, and the Connect thread will be starred for them so they will see it.

Not only that, but when you hover over any "@" mention in Connect, a new pop-up panel will appear. From that panel, you can either link to their dashboard or you can open a private conversation with them in Connect – whether one already exists or not.

@mention a user and they'll be notified

  • To mention a User in Connect, type '@' and start typing the name of the user. will suggest users in a dropdown. Simply choose the person you want to mention.


New User cards

  • Hovering over a mentioned user's name enables you to navigate to either the user's Dashboard or to a private conversation in Connect.



If you are not part of the Connect BETA program and would like your organization added, please contact your RESULTS support team at


Show Unread Notifications indicator when out of scroll view in Connect

Top to bottom, RESULTS makes sure your strategy cascades through all your employee's work communications. People often have a list of Connect discussions about Goals. They have a list of Groups where they collaborate with their Team. And most have a long list of private chats where they connect with mentors and coworkers.

High performance depends upon keeping these communications flowing, so we've enhanced your Connect interface to make sure you find all of the new comments in your threads right away.

If your list of Connects extends above and below the screen, an indicator will now appear when there are unread comments in Connects you can't see.

Clicking the indicator will auto scroll the list to the location of your unread messages.

If you are not part of the Connect BETA program and would like your organization added, simply contact your RESULTS support team at


New Consolidated Help Window

Besides establishing learn.RESULTS and upgrading all of our Help content to better acclimate new users, we have now consolidated all Help channels into a single panel, making it even easier to find answers – or to contact Support.

Click on the Help icon in the left-hand panel and a lightbox appears. Depending upon your user permissions, the application will give you a selection of Help topics that are probably what you're looking for. If they're not, Search the entire knowledge base with the search field. Still can't find the answer? Simply open a Support ticket with one click; we have a 99% satisfaction rating and usually respond within one business day.


Minor Enhancements

  • now provides a welcome message with a getting started guide when a user clicks on 'Help'
  • Help content will be tailored to users based on their users permission settings.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Teams data entry page where data entry fields and the goals are not aligned
  • Issues after authenticating InfusionSoft Integration due to token expiring after 30 days
  • Connect not loading on teams page after refresh are resolved
  • Connect – Users not properly subscribed to Team conversations are resolved. There should not be any issues with:

    • Users who are members of a Team will be auto-subscribed in Connect to that team
    • After adding a user to a Team (as member or manager), that user will be auto-subscribed in Connect without having to refresh
    • When a user is removed from a Team (as member or manager), that user will be unsubscribed in Connect without having to refresh
    • After creating a new Team, all team members and the manager will see the new team available in Connect without having to refresh
  • Connect - Clicking on an Image preview in Connect will now load the image in an overlay
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