Release 14.41 Notes

BETA Feature available on request

Progress Goals Update By Tasks Complete:

We are pleased to announce a new BETA feature for Project Goals. Now you can have RESULTS determine a Project's progress automatically, based on how many of the Tasks allocated to it are completed.

If you would like this feature enabled for your organization, simply contact your RESULTS support team at

A new checkbox will be added to your Project Goal setup page. Checking it means you want to 'Use the number of tasks as progress'. From then on, the Project Goals' progress will be the ratio of completed tasks to allocated tasks, expressed as a percentage.

For example, let's say you have a Project Goal to release a new webpage. You break the project into 4 tasks, indicating that each one equates to 25% of the completion of the Project. As you mark each one complete, the Project progresses 25%, and RESULTS will show you that on the Goal's tile. In this screen capture, 2 of 4 tasks are complete, so the Goal is 50% done:


Choose TO Send Welcome Email For New Users

Most of our clients love expanding RESULTS into new departments so they can increase operational efficiency and make global management easier.

Now you can set up new users and establish their home in RESULTS before sending them the Welcome Email. That way, they can move into a fully prepared environment, and you can generate a return on your platform right away.

This feature is already live. The Add User interface has a new checkbox. Check it, and the email goes out right away. Uncheck it, and it won't.

To send the Welcome email later, simply Edit the user's account. The "Send welcome email" checkbox will still be there. Check it, and Save the user. RESULTS will send the Welcome email, with the user's login details, and they are ready to go.

If you're using Import Data to create a number of users at once, set the "Send welcome email" property to FALSE if you don't want to send the Welcome email immediately. Needless to say, if you set it to TRUE, the Welcome email will go out right away.


Minor Enhancements & Performance Improvements

  • A number of Performance Improvements have been added to speed up the RESULTS platform including Goal load times and Team Dashboard page loading
  • Meetings attendee list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Links in a Meeting's Location field are now active. So go ahead paste things like GoToMeeting links in the Location field, and attendees will be able to click it to launch your preferred communications platform.
  • Most RESULTS users rely on the records they keep in the platform, but sometimes they can get in the way. When you use the Notes Review agenda item for a Meeting, you can now hide the full set of Meeting Notes by toggling the switch you'll see there today. That way, just the Tasks assigned during the Meeting show, letting you and your team focus on their particulars to get everyone's understanding and buy-in.
  • Results calendar invitations now contain a link back to the Meeting.
  • Team Manager can no longer be added as a Team Member
  • When removing members from teams panel, confirmation message is now visible until an option is selected.
  • You can now use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate and select users to add to a Team.
  • You can now use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate and select users to add to a Team.


Bug Fixes

  • Integration KPI parameters will now be loading as expected
  • Adding agenda items and attendees to a single instance meeting 
  • Like/Unlike buttons for comments in meetings will be working as intended
  • Bug which was affecting Re-ordering of goals has now been resolved.
  • Hover messages are now clearly visible on Company Goal Review agenda top navigation in meetings
  • Meetings now show on a Saturdays
  • Issues with changing single instance meeting time creates duplicates for old time and new instance for new time are resolved
  • After editing a meeting email notifications now show updated meeting time
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