How to clone a Project (OKR)

Since the structure of one OKR or Project often applies perfectly to another Project or to another team member, you can now clone a Project Goal with one click. 

Cloning OKR/Project Goal:

Open the Goal, click the cog wheel in the top right corner, and select "Cone" to open the Clone Goal interface.



Everything is duplicated exactly, and you are free to save it as is. However, since you'll usually want to modify it somewhat, the application presents you with a familiar interface, with one addition, that gives you the ability to customize it if you want to.



The additional function has to do with Tasks. When you clone the goal, all the Tasks remain assigned to the same people as in the original goal.

Often, you'll want to assign them all to someone else. The additional function lets you do exactly that. Just select the new assignee's name from the list before you click Save.


Cloned Goal Behaviors:

If you clone a Parent Goal, it's Child Goals will not be cloned. Only the Parent Goal and its Tasks will be duplicated. (Please note that you can't use a cloned Parent Goal as a Progress Goal.)

If you clone a Child Goal, the new cloned Goal will have the same Parent Goal. You can turn this cloned Goal into a Progress Goal if you want.


Cloning a Single Project Goal (No parent/child relationships)

Cloning a single Project goal creates a replica Project Goal including any tasks that relate to that Goal.


Cloning a Parent Project Goal

Cloning a parent goal will ONLY create a single instance of the cloned goal with its tasks. Child goals of the original parent goal will not be cloned.

Note: you CANNOT create a progress goal by cloning a parent goal.

Cloning a Child Project Goal

Cloning a child project goal will create another child goal to the same parent goal as original goal.

For Instance: Cloning child goal 01 will create a new child goal to parent A


Cloned Progress Goals
(Single and Child Goals Only) 


When creating your new cloned goal, you have the option to make the new goal a Progress goal (updates based on # of tasks checked). Check the "Use the number of tasks as progress

Note: you CAN create a progress goal by cloning a single project goal or a child project goal goal.








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