How to Create a Detailed History Goal

Detailed History or Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

To create a KPI: 

    1. 'Name' is required but 'Due Date' is not because these goals might be tracked for long periods of time and, often, all of that history is of interest.
    2. 'Team' and 'Goal Owner' and 'Scope' function the same way.

Next there are some decisions you'll need to make around formatting so your data will appear correctly in the Goal: 

    1. Format as: each time you manually input data should it appear as:

      • Currency: is used for metrics that are measuring financial values such as sales or gross profit or average sale price.
      • Number: is frequently used for activity numbers such as number of appointments made. 
      • Percentage: is frequently used for effectiveness measures when we are looking to improve performance for example profit % or review expenses vs budget.

    2. Goal Value Calculation: Once you’ve done that, how would you like RESULTS to calculate your goal based on the data you input?

      • Average of Values: within the reset interval, e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly should the data you enter appear as an average?
      • Current Value: within the reset interval should your data appear as your last reported value? 
      • Sum Values: within the reset interval should your data appear as a sum? 
        TIP: For common use cases on goal value calculation take a look at ourquick reference guide
    3. Reset Interval: determines when the application will return the value to zero. (Don’t worry; 'Never' is one of the options.)
    4. Work Days: Tell the application your work week so it will reset on a meaningful schedule.
    5. Reminder Interval: Tell the application how often to remind you to manually input data. A yellow flag will appear with the goal if it's out-of-date. 
    6. Target Values

      • Target: based on your goal calculation, what number do you need to hit within a reset interval? 
      • Warning: when do you want RESULTS to flag your goal to let you know you're off track?

        GREEN = When the goal is at or above the Target for today's date

        YELLOW = Below the target, but above the warning for today's target. The threshold represent's the bad target for today.

        RED = The goal is off track, and is below your warning for today's date.

    1. Your 'Strategy' measures your progress against time. You’re either maximizing, accumulating over time, or minimizing, eliminating over time. RESULTS will automatically indicate your strategy to you based on your target values.  
    2. Pro-rating: can only be selected if your goal has a due date.  The reason is that, if selected, pro-rating will provide you with a daily target based off of the number of days you have to complete a goal by your due date.  
      TIP: Learn more about common use cases for pro-rating by checking out our guide to pro-rating.
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