How to Create an Integration

Enabling integrations is a powerful way to automatically pull data from third party applications which hold information about your company's KPI’s.  

We recommend setting up your integrations prior to diving into creating goals since both Users and Teams will own goals which may rely on data that is accessed through an integration like Salesforce or Netsuite.   

NOTE: Integrations are user-specific. You’ll use a user’s login to open the API, and only data that user can access will be transferred. Similarly, when a user logs into RESULTS, they can only see Integrations for which they have the required level of access in the other application.

To Enable an Integration: 

  1. Click on 'More', select 'Integrations' and then click on the '+' sign in the space to the right. It looks like this. 
  2. Give your Integration a name. It’s a good practice to let yourself know the Integration’s level of access as part of your naming convention.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the outside application to which you’re connecting. Click 'Create,' and wait for the page to refresh, which you might need to do manually.  The new Integration will show up in the middle panel.
  4. Tick the 'Enable' box
  5. Then click the 'Authenticate' box.
  6. Last, click on the lock icon. This will take you to the login screen of the other application. Login, and the API will be authenticated. 

NOTE: Setting up Integrations simply opens the API between RESULTS and the other application. You won't actually select the data points you want to use until you (or anyone else) is setting up a Goal.  From now on, when you’re creating certain types of Goals, you’ll be able to import any data you can see from that other application.

For details on each available integration check out our integrations documentation.


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