Google Analytics Integration

NOTE: Please make sure you sign out of all Google apps in the browser before you start process for authenticating Google Analytics account


  • Click on "More" on the left menu and then "Integrations". Click on the '+' to create an integration. 
  • Give your Integration a name. ie "Google Analytics XYZ Website" and select Google Analytics from the Integration Provider drop down box.
  • Click Create and refresh your screen - The new Google Analytics Integration will show up in the middle panel.

  • Tick the 'Enable' box
  • Last, click on the lock icon. This will take you to the login screen of Google Analytics. 

  • Login with the credentials of the user with permissions to access the data you are wanting to import into 

  • Once "Enabled" and "Authenticated", the integration options should look like the one shown below - with a check mark indicating the integration is enabled and a green 'locked' padlock icon indicating that the integration has been successfully "Authenticated" (please refresh the page if you do not see the integration authenticated)

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