How to determine your pro-rating strategy

When pro-rating is enabled, it will automatically calculate your daily target based on off of the number of days you work in a week as well as your reset interval or due date.  If a reset interval and/or due date is not assigned the ability to pro-rate will not be available since there will be no way to breakdown your daily targets within a given timeframe. 

Here are a few scenarios to consider:


  1. 'My data always starts at zero, as I want to track work/effort completed'. This option is very useful when you're tracking metrics around sales or marketing, for example:

    I have a goal to generate X number of leads per month, in order to hit that goal I need to hit X number of leads per day
    I have a goal to book X number of demos per month, in order to hit that goal I need to hit X number of demos booked per day
  2. 'My data doesn't start from zero, as I want to track work/effort remaining'. This option is best when you start out with a number that eventually needs to equal zero, for example:

    I am in finance and in order to close the books each month, one of the goals I need to complete is sending out invoices.  Each month this number will vary, however, in order to complete the goal for that month all invoices need to be sent. 

    NOTE: this option is recommended when you select a due date, not a reset interval to ensure data remains accurate. 

  3. 'Never / Both'.  This is recommended if it's not important to have visibility into daily targets and if no due date or reset interval exists, this option will be selected automatically. 
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