Release 5.35 Notes


New Features:

  • Now you can create recurring tasks that will reappear monthly
  • A spinner will show the progress when saving a goal
  • Warning messages when deleting meetings show more apt
  • Deleting a meeting will only delete instances which do not have notes
  • You should be able to edit a single instance meeting to a recurring meeting
  • All the Integration providers in the dropdown menu when adding new integrations are arranged per alphabetical order

Bugs Fixed:

  • User added to Meeting Occurrence has all Meetings in the series added to their Calendar.
  • When Create Meeting in IE11 the scroll bar appears on the right
  • Pipedrive and Zendesk integrations show logos on the integration management page
  • You should be able to edit meetings after deleting a User who was an attendee
  • You should be able to delete a meeting after deleting a User who was an attendee
  • Tasks now display all the information when created from meeting
  • Link goals (multicompany) should be displaying value in Card view
  • Large Images when posted in meetings are responsive and display per the screensize
  • Removing a User from meeting will remove all future instances from their calendar
  • Screen will not flicker when hovering on to likes in watercooler
  • Issues with dates when editing meetings
  • Meetings calendar now shows week dates correctly
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