How to Create a Google Analytics Integration Goal


  1. Google Analytics Integration should be enabled and authenticated
  2. Click here to read more about creating and authenticating new integrations


How to create a new Google Analytics Integration KPI/Goal:

  • Click on the "+" icon from the "Me" page or the "Teams" page or from within the "Team" to create a new Goal.

  • Select "KPI Integration" option from the "Create Goal" screen.


  • Select the instance of "Google Analytics" integration to pull in the data from

  • Select "Total Page Views " to connect to the data source

  • To configure the goal choose your profile from the drop down list, this relates to businesses that have multiple websites or profiles to choose from. All web site data is most common here.

    Select the time frame you want to set your target for from the drop down menu. Month to date is most frequent here.

Select Next

From here the process is the same as for setting up any detailed history goal.

  • Enter the information for the Goal Name and other information on the "Create Goal" screen and click on "Next"

  • Update the Goal "Target Values" and other settings like the "Reminder Interval" and "Reset Interval" on the next screen and click on "Save" on the bottom right of the page once you are done.

  • Depending on the load on the Integration system, the goal will be populated with the data from the report immediately or during the next integration run (which is every 3 hours at the moment).

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