Release 5.33 Notes

We never tire of improving the way we contribute to our client's success, and we're especially pleased with all we're bringing to you with our upcoming Release 5.33.
We'll present all the details to you as you use the platform, of course, and you can find them in the GETTING STARTED WIZARD on the left hand side of your home screen or contact us for support on
But here are some highlights in advance:

New Dashboard (Phase I)

We've renamed the Me Page. Now it's your Dashboard so you can run your business and your job with a proper cockpit. 
Phase I brings you "Variance," a new metric showing you how far off a given goal you are.
It also brings you really nice user interface enhancements. Your Goals get a better graphic representation. And you can view your goals three ways: Cards (as shown), or Tiles (smaller and less picturesque), or List (puts all the numbers in columns for quick perusal).
Inline image 1
Recurring Tasks (Phase I)
The engine of your business requires certain activities to happen regularly and without fail.
Now you can create recurring tasks that will reappear daily, or every few days, or every week, or every few weeks, or on the second Tuesday of every month, or every quarter, or even every year. You have every possible option.
When you change a Series, you change everything going forward. 
When you change just one Task, you don't change the whole Series.
It's quite elegant and will make it much easier to keep your business processes moving. 
Inline image 2
Other Enhancements
New Navigation
You can collapse the left column menu into a much smaller stack of icons to free up space. Your company logo will be bigger, so you might want to replace it with the highest resolution one you have.
Most importantly, your picture will be larger and will have your name under it. Polish that smartphone lens and make a statement!
Adding Thresholds to Detailed History goals
Detailed History and Integration Goals need Thresholds to be meaningful, but of course for many businesses those Thresholds need to be changed often. 
Now you can do just that with a simple interface that puts you in control.
Click on the Calendar to create a New Meeting
Roll over the Calendar and your cursor turns to a "+" sign with the time next to it. Find the spot where you want your meeting, click on it, and the input interface populates with that date and time and a suggested 30-minute duration. Modify and save – easy!

Agenda Items
Many of our clients consider Meetings to be the killer app in We've reconfigured the Agenda tool so that each item appears in its logical order, and so it has an easier-to-understand description along with it.
And, even better, for your all-important Core Value stories, you can now choose one of your Core Values from a drop-down list, making even easier for people to find the positive and keep it flowing. 
Automatically update the User list when adding a new member
This is a little one, but we wanted to let you know that when you add a new User now, they'll appear without the need to refresh the page.
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