How do I decide which goal value calculation to use?

Current Value: This is the most common goal value calculation. It should be used for static numbers that you want to review at a particular point in time, meaning there is no calculation required and RESULTS will simply display the raw number that is manually updated by your team.  Some examples of current value may be:

  • GP%
  • aged debt
  • days to close month end financials

TIP: Since current value is providing a snapshot of your goal at any given point in time, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly it should only be selected when your Reset Interval is set to never.

Average of Values - Calculates the average of all data points entered in a particular time frame; time frame will be determined by the reset interval interval and/or your due date.  If there is no reset interval or due date set, the average will calculate forever.  Customer's often use average values to calculate things like:

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating 

TIP: If we want to know the average number of appointments held across a week it is important to enter zero for any day when we were working but no activity occurred.

Sum Values - Adds values together during the Reset Interval or due date selected. The threshold will calculate based upon the number of days that have passed in the Reset Period which will give advance indication of whether you are on track to achieve your target.  This is a great option when measuring:

  • Sales for month to date 

Best Practice: It is important to enter data on the last day of the week to pick up the full threshold value. Same for the last day of the month.




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