What is a reset interval?

Reset intervals allow you to measure a goal over a period of time and once that period elapses automatically set the vale of the goal back to zero.  

This feature is very useful when you have weekly, monthly or quarterly targets that you need to hit on a consistent basis.  

For example, if I'm a sales person who has a revenue target that I need to hit each month, I would select my reset interval to be 'Every Month'.  At the end of the month my target for the following month would remain the same, however, my starting value would be zero. 

Some additional use cases for using reset interval to consider may be:

  • Measuring Outbound Sales Reps on calls and/or emails completed in a given week and using the reset interval 'Every Week'
  • Measuring Account Managers on number client check-ins per quarter and using the reset interval 'Every Quarter', which will reset on a calendar quarter
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