What is a child goal?

A child goal is a goal that has been created as part of a larger parent goal.  We recommend creating child goals in cases where you would like to see a breakdown of individual performance or when you have an organizational goal which requires multiple teams contribution.

For example, say I'm the Head of Support, and, I have a goal to consistently hit a customer satisfaction rating of 90%.  On my team, I have 3 team members who are also accountable to individual customer satisfaction ratings which impact the overall customer satisfaction rating, these individuals would each be assigned a child goal to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 90%. 

To create a child goal, you will first need to navigate to the goal which should be its parent.  A ‘child’ can be set up by accessing the edit cog from any goal.

Once you've created your child goal, the parent will then average all the child goals for the rest period to measure progress towards achieving the parent goal, this is called a roll up. 


NOTE:  You can only set the child goal to roll up to parent only when you are creating goals of same type. For instance, when creating detailed history child goal for detailed history parent goal.

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