Creating a "Google Sheets" Integration Goal

Follow these steps to create a new Google Sheets integration or authenticate an existing one:


  1. Click on "More" on the left menu and then "Integrations"

  2. Select from the list of default integrations or click on "+" on the top right to create a new one

  3. Enter a name for the Integration and select the integration provider from the drop down list ("Google Sheet" in this case) and click on "Create"

  4. Click in the checkbox next to the name of the newly created integration to "Enable" the integration (please refresh the page if you do not see the newly created integration in the list)

  5. Once the integration is enabled, click on the padlock icon to "Authenticate" the integration, this should open a new window with the login screen for the integration provider you are trying to authenticate with (Google login screen in this instance)

  6. Once "Enabled" and "Authenticated", the integration options should look like the one shown below - with a check mark indicating the integration is enabled and a green 'locked' padlock icon indicating that the integration has been successfully "Authenticated"

  7. We will now create a goal in to bring in the "YTD Total" sales number (Cell C16) from the following Google Sheets Spreadsheet

  8. Click on the "+" icon from the "Me" page or the "Teams" page or from within the "Team" to create a new Goal. 

  9. Select "KPI Integration" option from the "Create Goal" screen. 

  10. Select the instance of "Google Sheets" integration to pull in the data from ("Google Sheets Demo (S@R)" in this case)

  11. Select "KPI from a Cell" under "KPI Selection" to use a Google Sheet as the data source

  12. Select the Google Spreadsheet you want to use as the source for the from the drop down list under "Configuration"

    NOTE: If you do not see the Google Spreadsheet you are wanting to use as the data source, please make sure the Spreadsheet is not in a private folder and has the right permissions.

  13. Click on "Refine" for more options

  14. Click on the drop down under "Worksheets" to select the sheet from the Spreadsheet selected in the above step

  15. Click on "Refine" again to select the cell

  16. Click on the drop down to select the cell number and click on "Next"

  17. Enter the information for the Goal Name and other information on the "Create Goal" screen and click on "Next"

  18. Update the Goal "Target Values" and other settings like the "Reminder Interval" and "Reset Interval" on the next screen and click on "Save" on the bottom right of the page once you are done.

  19. Depending on the load on the Integration system, the goal will be populated with the data from the Google Sheet selected immediately or during the next integration run (which is every 3 hours at the moment).

  20. Below is a screenshot of the Google Spreadsheet that we used in the above example.

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    Gem Hart

    Can this work with Project Goals? 

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