How to Enable the Salesforce Integration

Follow these steps to create a new Salesforce (or any other integration) or authenticate an existing one:


  1. Click on "More" on the left menu and then "Integrations"

  2. Select from the list of default integrations or click on "+" on the top right to create a new one

  3. Enter a name for the Integration and select the integration provider from the drop down list and click on "Create" [Please refresh your screen after creating integration)

  4. Click in the checkbox next to the name of the newly created integration to "Enable" the integration (please refresh the page if you do not see the newly created integration in the list)

  5. Once the integration is enabled, click on the padlock icon to "Authenticate" the integration, this should open a new window with the login screen for the integration provider you are trying to authenticate with as shown in the next screenshot (salesforce login screen in this instance)

  6. Login with the credentials of the user with permissions to access the data you are wanting to import into (Please refresh your Results account after authenticating integration)

  7. Once "Enabled" and "Authenticated", the integration options should look like the one shown below - with a check mark indicating the integration is enabled and a green 'locked' padlock icon indicating that the integration has been successfully "Authenticated" (please refresh the page if you do not see the integration authenticated)

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