Release 5.27 Notes

NEW Critical Functionality: Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) is pleased to announce a new Goal type, Objectives and Key Results.

You’ve read about them in the Harvard Business Review and elsewhere. Now they’re part of your solution.

OKR’s are distinct from the One Touch, Detailed History, KPI Integration and Connection Goal types you already have.

OKR’s are high-level projects that impact your entire organization. Generally speaking they will either stand alone, or they will sit at the top of a goal hierarchy.

OKR’s track their own path when it comes to rolling up results. If you have a Parent OKR that has Child OKR under it, those Child OKR’s will roll up into the Parent OKR. No other goal types will roll up into an OKR. And a Parent OKR will update only based upon progress in those Child OKR’s.

This allows you to track your OKR as cleanly as possible.

Of course, your OKR’s can have other Goal Types as Child Goals, but those other Child Goals won’t affect the progress on the Parent OKR and you should update the Parent OKR manually. This allows you to create a comprehensive set of goals for a Team, while only those parts of their work directly relevant to the Parent OKR affect the Parent OKR.

You can associate Tasks with any type of goal, including a Parent or Child OKR.

You’ll see progress in a new graphical interface, too.

To learn how to create OKR’s please click on the below link (after you have logged in to Support):


Bugs Resolved in this release:

  • No one can add Tasks to a Locked Meeting.
  • The Upcoming Meetings panel shows only meetings scheduled in the next 72 hours.
  • After editing a meeting agenda time, total time for the meeting is calculated correctly.
  • All messages, including long URLs, now wrap neatly in the Watercooler.
  • One Touch update goals appear with the proper grey highlight on the goal current view.
  • Tasks due today show themselves as current (not overdue).
  • Using multiple tabs? No problem -- update Goals created on a Team page, and Goals on the Me page will automatically refresh.
  • Like the 10-key on your keyboard? No problem -- now you can use it to add or edit Meeting times.
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