Release 5.29 Notes

New Features:

Don’t you love the new OKRs functionality? Our customers have been raving, and nothing makes us happier. Here are some additions:

  • Now when you view an OKR, especially in a meeting, you can either focus on its Properties, or you can hide them and move Tasks right up under the OKR.
  • To make sure OKRs accurately track what you really need to manage, now when an OKR goal has Child Goals (many do), the Parent OKR updates to reflect the status of the slowest-performing Child Goal.
  • Along those lines, if an OKR’s Child Goal hasn’t even been started, it doesn’t count as the slowest-performing goal. We just hold onto it and include it once it’s begun -- perfect for projects that build up over time.
  • Sometimes OKRs are Child Goals themselves, and now all the due dates – Child and Parent – appear exactly as you’d expect.


Bugs Fixed:

  • When you create a Goal on a Team page, the current Team is conveniently displayed by default.
  • When you create a goal with data for the current period, they start functioning as you’d expect right away.
  • And now you can easily archive Child Goals same as any other goal. 

You know what a profound impact has upon productivity, and one of its greatest strengths is focusing people on the most valuable data from So we upgraded the functionality:

  • Now you can group your Salesforce Reports.
  • And giving a Salesforce integration to all users is much simpler.

Making meetings meaningful and brief may be one of our customer’s favorite things about Here are some improvements you’ll see today:

  • Print your Meeting Notes from most browsers, including ones where this wouldn’t work before.
  • Now Meeting Notes show to whom a Task has been assigned (open the Task to see who created it).
  • When you upload a file, you’ll see a progress indicator.

We also tidied up your display:

  • Videos in the Watercooler, Meetings and Tasks now nicely fill the space available.
  • Adding a New User refreshes the list dynamically, and you’ll find them where you need them right away.
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