Prerequisites and instructions to setup SQL integration in

Prerequisites for setting up SQL Integration in

  • The SQL Server should have an external IP address and should be accessible from outside the office network
  • If the SQL server is behind a firewall, you need to white-list a set of IP addresses for to access the database
  • An account with permissions to run "Stored Procedures" on the database. We recommend NOT TO USE an Admin or other production users and to create a separate user account on the SQL server with permissions to run Stored Procedures
  • A separate Stored Procedure for every KPI you want to bring live data into from the SQL server. If you want to measure the same parameter for different users, you can have the Stored Procedure return values into multiple "Columns".
  • Finally, you will need the "Name" of Stored Procedure and the name of "column" to create the KPI in


For instructions to setup the SQL integration, please click on the link below :

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