How to create an Objective & Key Results Goal (OKR's)


  • Click on the “+ New Goal” icon on the “Dashboard” page or the “Team” page to create a new goal
  • Select "Objective & Key Results" under "Goal Type" and click “Next”



1.  Simply name the Objective (Project)

2.  Describe the Key Results (what the project will look like when it is successfully completed)

3.  Set a start date and due date, and our software will automatically tell you if you are on track to get it completed by the due date. (Green is on track, Yellow is needing help and Red is off track)

Plus, you can now set up OKR (Project) hierarchies, where the progress of your child Projects roll up to calculate the average status of your overall parent OKR (Project).


  • Select the “Team” in which you want the goal. In this case we will select “Human Resources” team


  • Select the “Goal Owner” to whom you want to assign the goal. In this case we will select “Ben Williams” as the goal owner.


  • Select the "Scope" in this case it will be an “Individual” goal.



  • Click the Save button to create your OKR. 
    Congratulations, you have created your OKR Goal! Go ahead and create Child Goals and Tasks to help achieve your OKR.



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