Release 3.21 Notes

One of our Core Values is to “make it easy” for you to get the full value out of your installation. So we develop according to what we know our clients need.

And this time around, we also took a cue from some new statistics about an old problem. When Harvard Business Review asked executives to identify the “single greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy,” 40% said it was the failure to align people with it, and 30% said it was the failure to align departments with it.

One way our clients solve that problem is with effective meetings, which is where we devoted most of our development efforts.

Now you can:

  • Edit the date/time of any meeting or cancel it, even if it’s recurring
  • Add a new attendee or delete an existing one from any meeting, any recurring meeting, or from this day forward in the series of a recurring meeting
  • For any single meeting or single instance of a recurring meeting:
    • Change the order of agenda items
    • Change the time allotted to them
    • Add new ones
    • Or delete them
  • And save any or all of those changes for the whole series of a recurring meeting

We also resolved a few minor bugs:

  • Multi-company goals will populate as the proper type
  • One-touch and Detailed History goals now have currency options built-in
  • Xero integration stability and speed
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