Release 3.23 Notes

Our development team is expanding as we continue to perfect our product. We’re pleased to release version 3.23 today, which includes new features and some bug fixes:

New Features:

  • Prorate your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals to a workweek, if you choose.
  • The term “Goal Properties” has been replaced with “Scope”
    • For CSV imports, please replace the corresponding column header
  • For goals that have Child Goals, the Goal Info panel shows the roll-up Scope of those child goals.
  • When activating an integration, roll over the "Enable," "Authenticate" and "Edit" buttons to read an explanation of exactly what they do.
  • If you delete a user and then need to create a new one with the same email address, you can.

Bugs Resolved:

  • Child goal properties exist independently of the parent goal’s
  • Integration goals always show the integration provider
  • HubSpot integrations work with IDs of any length
  • Water Cooler notification emails improved
  • Handling of non-recurring meetings improved
  • Editing meetings with activities improved
  • Deleted users disappear completely
  • Issues with Internet Explorer 10 have been resolved

As always, we truly appreciate your business and we welcome your ideas.

Sincerely, Team


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