Goals or Tasks in the Red? Managers must "weed the garden"

In order to get the maximum value from using software, it is vitally important that you keep your Goals and Tasks updated (every week).

I like to use a “vegetable garden” analogy. Imagine that your business is like a garden, and the Goals and Tasks that we create in the software are your crops.  

You want to grow your crops and reap a bountiful harvest. In order to do that you need to tend to your crops regularly. You need to water them and fertilize them, and pull out any weeds that may take root.

Likewise, in order to reap the rewards from your business, you need to tend to your Goals regularly. You need to keep each Goal updated with accurate, timely data, so that you get a clear picture of how each part of your business is performing and can make good decisions, and assign Tasks to move each Goal forward. 

Remove the weeds!

Letting Metric Goals stay “in the red” without discussing the Goal owner's performance ("What's happening here?") is a weed

Letting Projects and Tasks fall overdue without holding people accountable for honoring their commitments to the team and getting their work done done on time is a weed

Not updating the status of Projects (% complete) every week, and adding the next step (Task) to move each Project forward is a weed

Actually, anything that is colored RED is a weed !!!

Over time, these weeds will choke your progress, and your garden will deliver poor outcomes.

Are you weeding your garden?

For more information, see our management training courses to learn our best practices for setting up and managing Metrics, Projects and Tasks.

Stephen Lynch

Head of Strategy and Consulting


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