How many Goals should a person have?

We recommend you “focus on less to achieve more”. Regardless of goal type, we recommend no more than 6 Goals in total as a maximum number of Goals for any individual person to focus on in a given quarter, and be able to do justice to them.

4 Goals is probably ideal for most people.

If a person has more than 6 Goals in total, they probably have too many. Or to put it another way, if everything is important, then nothing is! 

(To understand the difference between the different goal types - see this article on the Difference between Metrics, Projects, and Tasks )

New Goals should only be added to the system in discussion with the Team manager. Once Goals are entered at the beginning of each quarter, each person must figure out with their Team Manager the key Tasks that need to be assigned each week to achieve each of their Goals.

For more information, see our management training courses to learn our best practices for setting up and managing Metrics, Projects and Tasks.

Stephen Lynch

Head of Strategy and Consulting

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