What does being accountable for a Project Goal mean?

You make sure everything “gets done” related to this Goal. Colleagues with individual sub-Tasks report to you as “project leader”. It doesn't mean you do it all yourself, you manage the project to ensure everyone who is involved in the Project gets their Tasks done on time

You meet with the individuals involved in the Project on a weekly basis to make sure you are aware of any issues / delays that need to be addressed.

You make sure the #1 Task move each Project Goal forward each week is agreed and visible in the software (and add additional Tasks as necessary).

You help source the necessary support to keep things on track.

You report to the Team Leader once per week demonstrating that you fully understand what is happening with your Project Goal and you have things under control.

You update the status (% complete) of the Project Goal every week.

You should be making visible progress every week. If your Project Goal is a quarterly priority for the company, if the % complete is not moving forward at least 10% per week, this should be a cause for concern

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Stephen Lynch

Head of Strategy and Consulting

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