Release 25 Notes

New features in this release:

  • New Data Entry mode when in Team view.

We've also made the following improvements and fixes:

  • Indicate processing and disable delete button when team is being deleted.
  • Fix "phantom" goal appearing when adding a goal immediately after logging in.
  • Fix for detailed history goals with negative numbers show double negative signs.
  • Show server error message if an error occurs when updating a KPI.
  • Don't show goal on user's home screen when creating a goal for a different user.
  • Fix for handling server-side errors when creating a goal.
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    Lydia McKay

    Like the new data entry mode - but the dates seem to get confused? - eg you enter 25/02 for single entry but when you look at team views it's showing as 26/02 - is this a but that you plan of fixing? have other people come up with the same issue?

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