Results for iOS - Version 1.5 - September 1st, 2013

A brand new release of our iOS application (for iPhone and iPad) is now available in the Apple App Store. Like the previous version, we designed the new release to work either in standalone mode or connected to your RESULTS.comaccount.


Version 1.5 is a major rewrite of the iOS application:


  • We've fixed EVERY issue reported by you, our users, in addition to making numerous other performance and stability improvements.
  • We rebuilt the app from the ground-up, to deliver a modern experience that is smoother and more reliable.
  • The app supports all versions of the iOS operating system up to iOS 6.x, including support for extended retina display.
  • Modern gestures such as "pull-to-update" now work throughout the application.
  • sites now automatically recognize your account and seamlessly log you in.
  • We updated the UI to incorporate the new look and feel.
  • Finally, Version 1.5 works with both Version 1 of and the Beta of Version 2. The iOS App automatically connects you to the version you're using.


As usual, let us know how can we better serve you with the iOS app. We are certain that you will have a GREAT experience with the new version and want to make sure we continue to improve it. Please let us know here if you have any issues or suggestions, or email us at

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