1.37 Release Notes (29th Nov 2012)

 Thank you for your patience. The following updates have been made available.

Bug fixes:

Meetings - When starting a meeting, meeting no longer pulling up participants from prior meetings. The display of previous agenda is a known issue and we will address that in our next release.



Goal Creation - We have introduced a new look of creating goals, Site Admins will see 3 options (One Touch, Detailed History and KPI Integration) and other permission levels will see 2 options (One Touch, Detailed History)

Goal Hierarchy - Non roll up child goals that become roll up child goals will now inherit parent goal's decimal places

Watercooler - Comments after the 4th will be collapsed by default. You can now 'Like' and 'Unlike' a comment

Team View - Team Goals Bar is back

Integration - Xero Integration is now available for 6 KPIs. We will be adding more over the next few updates so please let us know what you want to see. Documentation is available in Forums > Troubleshooting/FAQ

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    Ryan Brown

    What external systems have already been successfully integrated with the new KPI integration option?  (e.g. - NetSuite,, etc)

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    Dora Aw Yong

    Hi Ryan, 

    We have just begun our integration project and our first launch is with Xero. We are looking at more integration with the likes of Salesforce and Google Analytics, I'll be posting an Integration Feature Request Article to get some votes on what people would like us to work on.

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    Ryan Brown

    Thanks, Dora.  Please make sure to link me to that when it becomes available, as we are new to the Results community this month.  As a US-based reseller, it would greatly boost the attractiveness of the product to US companies if it is integrated with the dominant CRM, ERP, and Accounting systems over here (, Netsuite, Quickbooks,etc)

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