1.36 Release Notes (18th October 2012)

1.36 Release on 18th October 2012


When viewing Achievements or Notifications, user can now click on Home.

Detailed History Percentage child goal - Roll up tick is no longer greyed out.

Goal settings now no longer get copied to child goals which don't roll up.

Restricted Users, Users and Team Admins are now able to retrieve archived goals.



Homepage - ToDo is now renamed Weekly Priorities.

Homepage - Your profile picture has been removed from the dashboard to maximise screenspace. You can still view and edit your profile picture in Settings.

The Water cooler - Comments to posts are now collapsed by default, you can add a comment by clicking on Add Comment, and you can re-collapse the comments by clicking on Comments (X). This format will allow us to add additional functions in the near future.

Filter layout - The Goal/Task Info box is now known as the Include system generated items box. We will be adding more functions to the filter in the near future.

The list of meeting attendees in all views now has the same sort order. Meeting organizer on top, the rest in alphabetical order.

Meetings - The Text Area now expands up to 10 lines and then displays a scroll bar. 

Team View - Team Goals are no longer occupying twice the space in this view, team goals with their black borders will sit with the Owner.

New Users - Except for the initial email with their password, forgot password requests, and so on, users will now not receive emails if they have not yet logged in.

Results Admin is now excluded from user counts, allowing organizations to have the full number of users.

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