1.35 Release Notes (5th Sept 12)


When using the 'post to water cooler' function for Core Values notes in Meetings, the notes posted should now be for the core value notes and not the other  agenda item notes.

When a new goal is added when the goal list on homepage is collapsed, new goal is not visible until you log out and log back in. This is no longer an issue, the new goal will be visible when you click on Goals to reveal the goal list.



Core Values notes are now posting to water cooler from the invitee instead of the organizer 

Strategy now links to the one page plan, signon details are the same as the software.

The Signin screen has been redesigned. When you tick ‘Remember me on this computer’, your email address will be automatically populated in the Email field of the computer you are using. ‘Sign me in automatically’ allows you to log in automatically when you access Tick ‘Sign me in automatically’, enter your details and sign in. Do not log out, just exit the browser. You will be automatically signed in the next time you visit 

A meeting can now be run by more than one person at the same time. 

Improved flow of the Forget password screen, users are not prompted to send 'forget password' email again

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