Goal Hierarchy Release Notes (20th August 2012)

The new feature of goal hierarchy has been released.

You are now able to create new goals that form a hierarchy. To start the hierarchy, create the root goal as you would normally create a goal. Make sure that you have the goal the way you want it, you will not be able to make changes once the goal has child goals. You can use an existing goal as a root goal, but you will not be able to group current goals into a hierarchy. 

Creating the link

In Team view, select the goal, on Options, click Add Child Goal.


You can have a combination of rolling-up goals and non-rolling-up goals in a hierarchy. Tick the box to have the value of the selected goal contribute to the value of the parent goal. This option will not be available for Percentage goals or One Touch Updates.


The first child-goal is set up to inherit existing KPI values of the parent goal. This will preserve the current KPI values of the parent goal if the child goal is to roll up. If you delete this child goal, all historical data in the parent goal will be lost.


Navigating the Goal Hierarchy

This symbol identifies this goal as the root goal of a hierarchy.


This symbol indicates that this goal has child goals.


Click on the goal to see the child-goals.

Head_office.png  Down_child.png

Using the goals

You can assign tasks to each goal as normal.

You can update non-roll-up goals as normal.

For roll-up goals, you can enter KPI data into the child goals as normal, but you will not be able to enter KPI data into a parent goal. The parent goal will only reflect KPI data that is fed automatically from the child goals. If data needs to be manually entered into a parent goal, we recommend creating another child-goal to reflect the manual data.

For example: The Queen Street Store Manager (Jay) owns the goal Queen Street Sales. She has created 2 child-goals for both of her sales employees with sales targets. If she herself has sales targets, she will also need to create a child-goal for herself. She will not be able to record her own sales in the Queen Street Sales goal.



Video of how to create a goal hierarchy :

Additional information:

Archiving goal hierarchy goals

The values of an archived roll-up child goal will still contribute to the parent goal. If you archive a child goal, you will not be able to update the KPI data values in the parent goal. Your parent goal will still display values from the archived child goal. If you want to update the KPI data values for the parent goal, restore the archived child goal and delete it. You will now be able to update the KPI data values of the parent goal.

Deleting goal hierarchy goals

When a parent goal is deleted, all the child goals become 'orphaned', where the hierarchy link is broken. We recommend you delete all unwanted child goals before deleting unwanted parent goals.

Display of Data

Anyone who owns a goal in the hierarchy will be able to see any goals in that hierarchy, regardless of permission level. A goal with 'Current Value' calculation will display data from the latest date. If someone updates a child goal ahead of the other child goals, the Current Value parent goal will display that value and any values for that date.




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