1.33 Release Notes (11th July 2012)

Thank you for your patience. We have included the following in this update.

New Feature:

- In Meetings, Core value nominations can be posted to watercooler.


- In Meetings, Meeting Organiser will always be on top in the 'Who' list.

Bug Fixes:

- Half-goal icons for teams with 2 users no longer an issue.

- When editing goals, Goal Owner is not reverting to first in the list.

- Individual Task Review mini icon colours are matching larger goal icon colours.

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    Kate Eeyore Godfrey

    What is a "half-goal" icon?

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    Dora Aw Yong

    Hi Kate,

    Some users were seeing their goals cut in half, mostly when they are in a team with only 2 members.

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