1.32.2 Release Notes (4th July 2012)

We have addressed a few bugs and improvements in this release, thank you for the feedback.

Bug Fixes:
- Goals with one decimal are no longer rounding up or down, goal button will display actual value.
- Create New Users- Software is not hanging after creating one user, or when selecting to Create New after selection is on existing user.
- Changing recurring meetings will not remove past notes, except when an agenda item is removed or a meeting invitee is deleted. Notes can be recovered for deleted invitees but not for deleted agendas.
- Detailed History Graph now reflects all KPI values. 

- Add Goal window has been shrunk to accommodate browsers with multiple toolbars.
- When creating a new goal, the team under Goal Type needs to be correctly selected so only members of that team will be listed as possible Goal Owners. This is a failsafe to ensure goals are linked to the right team.
- When editing meeting times, users can now set times in any fractions - ie. 2143 will result in 9.43pm, 745 will result in 7.45am, 1115 will result in 11.15am.

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