Oct2011 - Recent Bug Fixes & Developement

Bugs and Development Due October 2011

  • Time Zone - Issues with time zones on calendar invites fix
  • Team Filtering - Team filtering option on water cooler


19Oct2011 - Additional Bug Fixes & Developments Completed:

  • Deleted Meetings - This bug has been fixed, all deleted meetings should now not reappear.
  • Detailed History Goals - This has been overhauled and made much clearer to use.


4Oct2011 - You may or may not have noticed some recent bug fixes & developments that have been implemented in the last month, these being some of the following:

  • Meeting Notes - These are now able to be accessed. Simply click on a past meeting in your CXO calendar and the option called 'View Notes' appears.
  • KPI/Goal Reset Function - This now working correctly. Any goal that has a value selected under 'Value Resets Every' will reset the KPI/Goal back to zero in relation to the value selected. If you do not want the goal to do this, select 'Never'.
  • Login Screen Remember Me Function - This is also now working. This will keep you logged in for up to six months if you do not click on the log out button.
  • User Permission Levels - These are now functioning correctly on all three levels. These are changed by a Site Admin in Settings.
  • KPI Graphs Dates -  These have now been changed to the right way round.
  • Water Cooler Filtering - Filter now available below the water cooler.

Plus many other miscellaneous bugs have also been fixed.

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