Update 28Jul2011

Hello – The Chief Execution Officer team had a recent meeting to and made the following decisions regarding our development focus over the coming couple of weeks.


The Primary Focus is to get existing single team product working well for clients vs adding any further functionality or components. 

Due to this the User experience audit and UI overhaul will be put back and a basic facelift given.  Also we will not start on the multiple team or integration pieces until we are happy we have this simpler version humming.  Our next round of dev will be.


1.         Go to a push server model which auto refreshes numbers and water cooler etc.

2.         Add Basic Filtering to Water Cooler.

3.         Allow access to users home page

4.         Enable automated outbound email messaging

5.         Integrate Help videos with product

6.         Make meeting notes accessible


Also we will continue to bug fix throughout the quarter.


Please keep the feedback coming and enjoy having a Chief Execution Officer on you team!

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