Update 20May2011: New URL Address; Water Cooler Icons; Homepage Goals

  • New Web Address:
    Chief Execution Office has moved to a new server. The URL for the server is now

  • New Icons in Water Cooler:
    There is a new icon when a Goal or Task is changed in the Water Cooler. The User Picture still exists for comments.
    This means that when a comment is made it stands out from changes in the Goal and Task statuses in the Water Cooler.

  • Homepage Goals now Expanded by Default
  • The Goals displayed on your homepage are now expanded by default so you can clearly see what your goals are.
    You can still click on the Goals line to minimize the goals and gain more screen real estate. 
  • % sign on Team Review
    The % sign now appears on the team review so you can now see $, % or just a number at a glance depending on the definition of the Goal.
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