New version posted live 27April2011: User Management, Feedback

New version posted live:


·         Ability to manage users within the site, create new ones, etc.  A few caveats:

o   You can change the role of a user from “Site Admin” to either “Team Admin” or “User” but there are a few permissions bugs that will come up once you do that such as a plain “User” not being able to comment on the water cooler.  So I’ll need to sort those out still.

o   You are unable to change your own role if you’re a site admin.  This is by design to prevent a site admin from locking themselves out of being able to administer their own organization.  You’d need to first promote another user to site admin, then get that user to demote your account.

o   New users are being assigned a randomly generated password which is not shown anywhere.  I’m thinking this should probably be emailed to their email address?  Currently the password can be retrieved through the “Forgot password” mechanism on the login screen.

·         Help and Report a Bug links are now active. Please let us have your feedback.

·         Some improvements to a few parts of the User Interface.

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