Special phrases for Water Cooler

Below are some of the phrases and their functionality supports for use in ‘Water Cooler’:

clap clap -- plays an applause sound

ring the bell -- plays a bell ringing sound

ring-a-ding-ding -- says ‘ring a ding-ding’ in cartoon style

it's so fluffy -- says it's so fluffy in the ‘Despicable Me’ style

surely you can't be serious -- 

could be worse -- 

are you mad -- says are you mad from 'Austin Powers'

you can do it -- 

over here -- 

oh that's okay -- 

omg -- says 'Oh My God'

nice work -- 

thank god it's friday -- 

mmmmm -- 

maybe next time -- says maybe next time 

how dare you -- 

i'm in trouble -- 

i'm not mad -- 

Please note that these will only be heard by people who have "Notify me when a post or reply has a special phrase like 'clap clap'" notifications enabled in the 'Popup Notifications' tab of the 'My Preferences' page. To see how to enable popup notifications, please Click here

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