How to update a Detailed History Goal

Detailed History Goals are metrics which need to be updated manually in RESULTS.  To create your first one refer to the How to Create a Detailed History Goal Article.

There are two ways in which Detailed Goals can be updated.

  1. By updating an individual Detailed History Goal 
  2. By using the Data Entry screen to quickly updated multiple Detailed History Goals 

To update a single Detailed History Goal:

  1. Click on the goal 
  2. Click on the "History" tab
  3. Click on the grid icon

  4. Select the date you would like to enter a value for 
  5. Fill in the "Value" field 
  6. Save

To update multiple Details History Goals at once:

  1. Navigate to the Team Dashboard 
  2. Select a specific team that you would like to update Detailed History Goals for 
  3. Click on the grid icon at the top at that teams page
  4. Enter in the values that need to be updated for each one of your Detailed History Goals.  Once entered they will automatically save

NOTE: Some of the goals on the Data Entry screen will appear grayed and will not allow you to update them. This means that these goals are either OKRs which should be updated individually or that these are KPI Integration Goals which are pulling data from an external system and cannot be updated manually.  For a list of available integrations on how to enable them refer to our Integration Docs

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