How to create a KPI goal hierarchy

To create a "KPI goal Hierarchy" (child goals):


Click on the 'cog' wheel on the goal you would like to add child goals to, as shown in the screenshot below:



On the "New Goal" wizard and select "Detailed History" as shown below:


Enter the Name and Description of the child goal and click on "Next"


Select the Team and the Goal Owner details, the scope of the goal and the format. The 'team', 'goal owner' and 'scope' of the child goals can be different to the parent goal.

Check the "Roll up values to parent goal" box if the child goal values will be rolled up to the parent. 


On the next screen, select "Sum Values" under KPI Properties. This will sum the values entered over the reset interval which we will select in the next


Select the "Reset Interval", this is how often you want the goal value to reset to "0" and the time period the goal targets should be pro-rated on. Also select the work days which will be used for pro-rating (should the target be pro-rated for a 5 day week or 7 day week?):


Enter the "Target Values" for the goal and click on "Create" to create the goal:


Enter the values for the goal by going to the "History" tab and clicking on the 'grid' icon:

The platform will add all the data points across the week and show the value under "Current" and plot the data points on the graph as shown below:

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